The useful idiot or the Manchurian candidate

The useful idiot or the Manchurian candidate

What is the useful idiot.  Who was the Manchurian candidate?

In political jargon, a useful idiot is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The useful idiot could be either a well-meaning “liberal” who has affinity for Russian Soviet politics despite all atrocities committed. But conversely can also be applied to individuals who have legitimate connections with Russian apparatus.

Trump  is an ideal model.  He thrives on self adulation.  He is a useful puppet.  And his current pick for Secretary of State, Tillerson, was given one of the highest civilian metals honor by Vladimir Putin himself.  Trump’s previous campaign manager, Paul Manafort,  also had significant business ties in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The Manchurian candidate was the paradigm.  And incidentally, one of Frank Sinatra’s best movies along with Angela Lansbury. It did not end well for the Manchurian candidate.

Evidence of Russian hacking of the DNC is gaining steam and credibility. The story will not fade. I mentioned previously this has all the hallmarks of Watergate. I know this expression is overused. But it is how Watergate started. There were rumblings of illegal activities just prior to the election in 1972. They were dismissed. The story is well documented.

Gathering intelligence sources are becoming clearer and more widely recognized throughout the government. This is confirmed by previous Diplomats who know Putin intimately, professors who study Russian history and politics. It is quite clear that there was information that was “leaked” and given directly to Julian Assange who then disseminated this through WikiLeaks. Julian assigned has a vendetta against Hillary Clinton. We are now learning so did Vladimir Putin. He also had a vendetta against Hillary Clinton.   Only Trump continues in his usual state of denial.

Interestingly, Armand Hammer, Chariman of  of Oxidental Petroleum, had very successful business interests in Russia just following the 1917 Russian Revolution. It appears his motives were constructive and not malignant. His most notable contribution was sales of pencils which apparently were in short supply. But he was followed by the American government because of his close connections with Leninist and Stalinist Russia.

Calls for Congresional Investigation Gathers Steam

Trump’s abject refusal to admit any Russian interference should be suspect to anybody with any degree of political sensibility. That does not include his most ardent supporters and followers. They will remain blind to the end. This is a peasant revolt. Peasant revolts can garner “nobleman” adherents.

Most of the voices for investigation have now come from Republicans. Most notably Lindsey Graham, John McCain and surprisingly even the turtle – Mitch McConnell. The Democrats, typically, have actually been quite mute which is a source of great concern.  The party of wimps.  Maybe a wimper from Chuck Schummer.

Electoral College Could Surprise Us

It is time for the electoral college to do its sworn duty. The electoral college was never designed to be a rubberstamp of the popular vote. Let us be clear. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.6 million votes. That is a larger margin than many presidents have garnered in the past.   There is a movement called the Hamilton Voter. Look at the evidence. Assess the degree of Russian hacking and its effect on pushing Trump to the winners circle.  The electoral college was specifically designed to prevent unqualified or ruthless dictatorial candidates, or those tainted by foreign governments or influence. There you go.

If, hopefully, American institutions survive, there is no way impeachment is not in the cards. That is a big if.

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