Trump Denies Russian Influence

Trump Denies Russian Influence

Putin and Russia were destablizing this election. So was a rogue unit of the New York City branch of the FBI. All Trump zombies are full denial mode — as always. Another left wing conspriacy.  Really? Who is most vociferous on all accounts? Republicans.  The very few who have some degree of courage to speak out. This is how Watergate started. Maybe you are too young to remember .. or care to remember.

It’s all very neat.  Russian sources fed information and emails from hacked DNC and RNC servers. All fed to Julian Assange of Wikileaks.  Assange, who started out a hero has become a villain. Because he personally charges Hilliary with his misfortune. Hostage in an Ecuador embassy. He lashes out with Wikileaks directly fed to him from these Russian sources.  All state sponsored.

Leaked information through hacking operations traced by U.S. intelligence to Russia was eerily silent on Trump and the Republican Party throughout the presidential campaign. Yet the same operations exposed troves of secret, sometimes embarrassing, personal communication involving Clinton and internal planning by the Democratic National Committee.  — Huffington Post

There is absolutely no denying that Trump enocuraged interference.   He stated so publically.  Out loud.

Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing from Clinton’s email servers.  — Trump on the campaign trail

That alone should have doomed his candidacy. Full force denial abounds.

Hyperbole? Think again. A foreign government may have determined the outcome of a presidential election. And not Canada or Costa Rica, but Russia: the United States’ chief historic adversary and an oligarchy ruled by a tyrant who has systematically taken away rights. Bombshells don’t come much bigger.

McConnell told Comey, in essence, to go take a jump in the lake. McConnell was interested only in party, not at all in country. That’s not treason, but it sure isn’t patriotism.   — Michel Tomasky of the Daily Beast

Not convinced enough? You can see for yourself. Watch Lindsay Graham and others, along with Trump in his usual set of contradictions. It’s all here. Now, how will this play out?  Obama has set up a special investigation to report to him before the inauguration.

Watergate Era — a Look Back

Where are Senators Sam Nunn and Howard Baker when we need them most?  A look back at a time when truth and justice mattered. The state of the Union is far more precarious and endangered.  Resist!

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